Next Wave: Cindy

Cindy is a music project of the electronic artist Kai based in Antwerp Belgium who also recorded music under the name Palmbomen II in the 10's. His music could be categorized as living room DIY synth pop and chill wave. 

With the Cindy project he gives a new context to his music where Cindy is the main character and the songs are soundtracks to her own world. In 2019, he recorded several songs about Cindy where she sings about her mom, her boyfriend Justin, her cat and other personal sides of her life. Cindy is portrayed by the actress and artist Blue LoLãn who also provided vocals for the songs on the album.

Musically this record is a collection of dance songs and ballads where smooth Shoegaze melts down with Italo Disco drive. Cindy's debut album I'm Cindy contains 13 tracks and it was released on World Of Paint on June 5, 2020