Best of 1990 - The Singles Poll

In the history 1990 is mostly remembered for the start of reunification of Germany and demise of the Soviet Union and collapsing of the socialist governments in Easter European countries. While the Wind of changes was flowing through out Europe, George Michael released his biggest hit "Freedom" and for Madonna it was her most scandalous year ever. As some of her live shows were condemned and the music video for "Justify My Love" banned from daily airplay on MTV. 
Apart from this despite the previous success of SAW production in the previous years, it saw a sharp decline in popularity where new dance forms were emerging, including Euro dance, house and acid jazz as well as Baggy / Madchester and the rise of Brit pop. Among the winning artist at the Brit awards were Phil Collins, Neneh Cherry, Annie Lennox and Fine Young Cannibals. 

Like the album poll few months ago, we would like to vote your favorite song(s) from 1990 in the poll below. There are 100 songs from our selection and the option 'other' where you can add your favorite songs if not included in the list.