Best of 1989- Singles

Time to put 1989 on display and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the year that was closing the 80's decade. Known as the year of revolutions that swept through the eastern block countries in Europe as well as the year of innovations which brought the first commercial internet services. Musically the charts were still dominated by Stock-Aitken-Waterman hits also introducing Donna Summer to their hits factory. 

The second half of 1989 was also dominated by the the growing House music genre led by Inner City and S'Express and Italo disco which evolved into Eurodance. Even though the 1989 chronologically belonged to the 80's decade, it clearly sensed the 90's spirit in all terms and the music styles that started in late 90's eventually reached their peak points in the 90's and beyond. 

27. Camouflage – Love is a Shield
28. Eurythmics- Don’t Ask Me Why
29. The Stone Roses – She Bangs The Drums
30. Cyndi Lauper- I Drove All Night
31. Tears for Fears –Woman in Chains
32. Kate Bush- Woman’s Work
33. The Beloved- Sun Rising
34. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Head on
35. The B52’s – Love Shack
36. Neneh Cherry –Man Child
37. Chris Rea- Road to Hell
38. New Order- Round and Round
39. Pet Shop Boys- It’s Alright

40. Spandau Ballet –Be Free with Your Love

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