Best of 2018- The Singles

This year, for the fist time we were counting down the top 100 favorite singles  tracks which were either officially released or were simply great album tracks. Just a short refection on the top 3; No 3 is Pinkshinyultrablast's song "In the Hanging Gardens" which combines more influences than any other tune on he charts. It is layered, complex and one of the few songs that was holding the synth pop torch in 2018. At No 2, we find "At least the Sky is Blue" by Ssion and yet another collaboration with Ariel Pink. The video for the song was voted as Video of the Year on our site. And finally, No 1, certainly one of the biggest surprises in 2018, "I Love You, but I am Lost" by Tears for Fears. It was released in the last weeks of 2017 and manged to make an impact on us in 2018. It was not love on first listen, but the song managed to grow becoming the song of the year. Not all Tears for Fears would agree here, but we think that the band managed to reinvent themselves not losing their aesthetics.

Please find the entire top 100 list below.

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