In Review: MGMT- Little Dark Age

Back in 2008 MGMT was quite a discovery for us, in particular for the single "Time to Pretend" which was magnificent both in terms of visuals and sound. Their debut album 'Orracular Spectacular' was among the top 5 Album releases of the year and it turned out to be the ultimate summer soundtrack spawning a whole line up of hits including "Electric Feel" and "Kids". It was a spectacular blend of indie neo-psychedelia with the absolute highlight being back then seeing them live at the Sziget festival in Budapest.

Ten years have passed now since the release of their debut and in the meanwhile the band released two more albums which sadly did not live up to the standard of their debut. In late 2017 MGMT surprised the world with the release of their single "Little Dark Age" which saw them entering dark waters and adopting 80's visual and rhythms. The Album which takes the same title as the first single was officially released on February 8th and after few plays it is clear that the album features a whole variety of sounds and influences. "Little Dark Age" for example leads the dark 80's synthpop inspired section which is also evident on "One Thing Left to Try" and "Me and Michael". On the other hand there is also a strong influence by the LA music scene and in particular Ariel Pink which gives MGMT's indie neo-psychedelia new face by mixing the new sound with hypnagogic pop. The album unfolds a whole variety of sounds and moods from dreamy to rhythmic upbeat tunes all reflected by layered and well imagined concept with twists of liquid elements and quirky 80's midi patches.

So far, four songs have been released from the album and it seems that this will be an album of hits but also as a concept and a whole package. It echoes a good focus, energy and maturity in sound and definitely brings MGMT back in the spotlight by giving 'Orracular Spectacular' a huge challenge. 'Little Dark Age' certainly is the big opener for 2018 and I am sure it will have an impact on the days to come.