Pet Shop Boys 'Catalogue' Reissues Continue

Already in June this year, Pet Shop Boys announced the release of ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’, a series of reissues of their Parlophone studio albums. This definitive edition features each album from the duo’s Parlophone discography, remastered and accompanied by ‘Further listening’ albums of master quality bonus tracks and demos created in the same time period as each album, as well as Pet Shop Boys own remixes of their tracks. Many tracks are being released for the first time. 
 The first three of the ‘Catalogue’ albums that were released in July are 'Nightlife/Further listening: 1996-2000', 'Release/Further listening: 2001-2004' and 'Fundamental/Further listening: 2005-2007’. The second pair of ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ reissues were released in October, including 'Yes/Further listening: 2008-2010' and 'Elysium/Further listening: 2011-2012'. 
The Catalogue’ reissue campaign will continue and this time going right back to the beginning and reissuing their first three albums, 'Please', 'Actually' and 'Introspective'. All three albums are going to be released in March 2018.