Retrovision: The Chills- Pink Frost

Thirty years ago The Chills released the haunting and atmospheric "Pink Frost". One somewhere said "Creepy beauty from the far south" and I think this is the right sentence to describe this lo-fi, post-punk, goth feel tune. Their biggest and probably most essential hit was recorded in 1982 and this is also where it belongs. This might be the song that defines the band and gives the absolute high water mark in New Zealand's jangle pop history.


Anonymous said...

Excellent single, but the first time I heard it was a B-Side track on the single The Girl with the loneliest eyes by The House Of Love, and for me their version is just that bit better. But it maybe me just being used to that version.

Bori B. said...

Dear Sir/madam,

Thanks for your comment!

House of Love's song is certainly with better arrangement and sounds more polished.
Chills version even if a bit raw refelcts more emotion and passion.
Love both ones.