Next Wave: Be Quiet

Be Quiet is a five piece group from Bordeaux in France. The group consist of Benjamin Grenier (Vocals/Guitar), Lou Whitechapel (Guitar) Pierre Graber (Bass), Quentin Whitechapel (Drums) and Matei Convard (Keyboards). The group was formed in 2009 and their music is 80's orientated with influences of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Joy Division and Interpol. Their music is both noisy and melodic coupling screeching guitars and rhythmic minimalist riffs. Their debut EP 'Primal' was released in April and you can preview the tracks via band's bandcamp page. With the average age of 18 years, seems that future looks promising for the Bordeaux youngsters.



cagliostro said...

oh my god ! Bori , I didn't even catch they were french ;-) What the fuck are the institutional medias from this country doing taht tehy don't even see good things under there nose . well me too :-( tnahks Bori