In Review: Red Fetish- Cardinal Synth

After creating at the early 80's "All The Madmen", Neale James Potts and Mike Richardson, have made a new project called Red Fetish. Neale and Mike are two visionaries of electronic music who have made one LP very amazing for 2013 under the name "Cardinal Synth" essential for the lovers of the minimal/synth. The consecration of Red Fetish was with "The Future Is Now In Your Hands" an EP that was released by the prestigious record label "Anna Logue Records". This EP, received great reviews and Red Fetish quickly became a cult group for the lovers of electronic music. 
Looking to the future, they discover new sounds more purists of the minimal/ synth, borning "Cardinal Synth" as album revelation. Everything is perfectly carefully from the presentation in red vinyl, and with wide range of sounds, ranging between the cutting-edge electronics towards the classic sound he has created school in the popular culture of electronic music. The mastering of the LP, has been done by Dave Hewson (Poeme Electronique/Twins Natalia) and LP design has been done by Steve Lippert. Cardinal Synth is configured as a classic where gems like "Let's Get This Started Parity" " I´m Jofef And I´m Not Ok" "Virtual Dystopia" " The Little Beat Girl" "The Future Makes No Senses" "Cafe Sugiyama" "Culture Of Deceit" and more songs that will make delights if you love the minimal / synth, and the first sounds analog electronics that was given in the early 80's a LP highly recommended. 

A review by Antonio J. Guerrero

A very special Thanks to Antonio!

Orders to Anna Logue Records or Neale James Potts. 



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Snippets of seven songs A side of "Cardinal Synth"

Snippets of seven songs B side of "Cardinal Synth"

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