Dark Entries Release a Brand New Algebra Suicide Compilation

Dark Entries Records have released a new compilation by Algebra Suicide. The compilations is entitled 'Feminine Squared' and it is an 18 track song collection that collects all 8 songs from the first two EPs, 4 songs from the “Big Skin” cassette, 4 songs from “The Secret Like Crazy”, a song from the “Pas De Deux” compilation, and a previously unreleased song. Lydia and Don call their approach “Avant Garage” citing inspiration from Patti Smith, Frank O’Hara, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. 
The vinyl comes housed in a glossy black and white jacket featuring the cut up faces of Don and Lydia from “An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows” EP. Each LP includes a newsprint zine with lyrics, photos, liner notes, and clippings. Also included is a full length DVD featuring a 12-song Algebra Suicide concert from 1984, recorded at the Noise Factory in Chicago. Though Lydia passed away in 2007, her genius lives on in these recordings. Please respect her decadence. 

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