Reissue: Near Paris

May 9th will see the release of a glorious reissue by Near Paris. A Columbus, Ohio based synthpop duo who, unfortunately, released only one 12" EP during their time together in the early 80's. The band consisted of Gerald F. Nelson and Dana Riashi who made quite a name for themselves around the Columbus music scene. In addition, they had the pleasure of opening for Section 25 as well as winning several local awards...not bad! Sadly, Gerald passed away in October of 2012. I'm more than positive he would have been proud and honored to see his and Dana's track given new life. Gratitude goes out to Medical Records in association with Crispy Nuggets Blogspot for making this possible.

Wait, because i'm not done yet! Did i mention that this release is to be housed on 180 gram oxblood opaque vinyl?! Oh but yes! Colored vinyl is always a serious bonus. Even more so when there isn't a bad track amongst the bunch. This just so happens to be the case here. The 11 tracks are comprised of the aforementioned 4 track EP as well as 7 previously unreleased others. This is to be a limited edition pressing of  650 copies. Slick, synthy, melodic atmosphere is what you're in for. Who in their right mind doesn't want that?

For a full listen and to order, please visit Medical Records Bandcamp.