Next Wave: The Woken Trees

The Woken Trees was formed in 2010. The band members, however, have known each other since their early teens as they all grew up together in a community around the desolate village, Tversted, in the north of Denmark. In 2010 the line up was completed with the 6th member, Mathias Riis. And what was now a 6-piece moved to Sealand where they overtook an abandoned, trashed-out villa outside Copenhagen. At this point their music began to change dramatically into something much more noisy, more dark.  
After the writing of a small handful of songs their debut album began to take shape. Entitled 'NNON', the album was written in 2011/2012 and recorded by the end of 1st half of 2012. In the summer 2012 the band signed with Pad & Pen Records and the mixing and mastering began. October 2012, the single "Yells" B/W Holy Water was released which is now followed up by the full album co-released by Fuzz Club Records and Pad & Pen Records on March 11, 2013.