Next Wave: blablarism

Being 20 years old and writing/producing dark, haunting, melodic atmosphere is indeed a rarity in this day and age. Oksana Zmorovytch is quite possibly the valedictorian of such a special class. This young lady doesn't miss a beat and exudes a passion that is undeniable. Going by the moniker blablarism (intentionally lowercased), she comes to us from Kiev, Ukraine. Just short of a day ago, she released her official debut offering, "Fugue", on the New Ideals label. It's a four song cassette EP that is limited to only 50 copies. For me, personally, it is a portal to lands unknown and soul fluttering dreams. I highly recommend her.

For more info, please visit: blablarism @ Facebook , blablarism @ SoundCloud , New Ideals @ Facebook , New Ideals @ SoundCloud