Label Spot: Romance Moderne Records

I've discovered countless independent record labels this past year. There were some that were new and others that were just new to me. I found myself constantly revisiting a handful of them; wanting to dive further into the various sounds. One label that ranked very high on my list of discoveries is Brussels based Romance Moderne Records. I just couldn't tear myself away. Their purpose is "to work and represent strong personalities revealing a true artistic passion". That said, they incorporate a party concepts aspect as a promotional tool for their roster of artists. This involves live performances, dj sets, and visual accompaniments. I see this as a way of catapulting the party goers experience to stratospheric heights. And from what i've seen, it looks like an incredible night out.

A number of releases have built up their ever-growing catalog in the form of digital downloads. Two of which just so happened to make our Top 20 EPs of 2012 list. This past December, a 12" vinyl compilation was unleashed. It features 12 tracks of what is considered to be "some of their best productions". Limited to only 200 copies, it seems to be on its way to selling out with a quickness. Visuals are a very important aspect so cover artwork is a collaboration of ideas between the musicians, label, and graphic artists. It's something that seems to be working out very well for all involved.

The sound that dominates the band roster is that of an analog electronic nature. Artists such as Cold Colors, Echo, A New Life, Franck Kartell, Le Chocolat Noir, and Exotic Club are just a few of those featured. A sound that ranges from dark, to moody, to sparkly, and even somewhat abstract. A two track digital download single by Exotic Club is the latest label offering. It seems Romance Moderne has no intentions of slowing down. The only way is up from here on out!

For more info and sounds, please visit the following:

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