In Conversation: Actors (Jason Corbett)

As promised, we bring you more news about the Canadian retro outfit Actors. Last month we featured the video for their brilliant single "Nightlife" and we wanted to find out more about the band and got in touch with the lead singer Jason Corbett. Here is what Jason told us about his band, inspiration and influences and their plans in music in 2013.

1. Tell us more about the band, when was it formed and who does it consist of?
The band was formed in early 2012. It consists of me(Jason Corbett-vocals/guitar) Arthur Guest- synth/guitar, Adam Fink-drums, Ryan McDonell-bass, and Mark Crickmay- guitar/synth.

2. What inspired you to make music together? How long have you guys known each other?
I wanted to get back to creating music that I would enjoy listening to and playing. Arthur and I prodded and poked until we hammered out a feasible way of making our music work for us. We have known each other for a few years now with one exception. Mark joined the band right before our first show.

3. There is a certain retro feel in your music. Your song “Nightlife” in particular recalls some Roxy Music. What influenced your music in general?
It’s wasn’t actually intentional to sound “retro”. I just gravitated to certain sounds while writing and producing the songs. I love David Bowie and Roxy Music but I also really enjoy bands like The Soft Moon and Grizzly Bear. All over the map.

4. Who writes the songs and what are they about?
I write the songs. I try to approach universal themes while coming at it from different directions. I’m an outgoing person but I have a dark side. My creativity comes in bursts then sometimes I have to walk away and let the dust settle so I can heal.

5. Is it true that a trip to Berlin has inspired you to form Actors and start recording music together?
Yes and no. I was inspired to do this music before my trip. But I looked at it as a pilgrimage to the holy land of David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy.

6. Where have you performed and what was the experience like? Any upcoming shows?
Over the years I’ve fronted several bands. Big shows. Small shows. Lot’s of touring.
So far ACTORS have remained a local only act. Fashion shows, our 7” release party, and local clubs. I don’t like to tour to be honest. It worries me.

7. What image do you think your music conveys?
I think it could be different for everyone. I want the listener to own that. I wouldn’t want to say.

8. Three singles have already been issued through Northern Lights Records. Will there be more, an album maybe next year?
There will be more yes. There is actually four right now. PTL, Nightlife, Forever, and XYX.
I’m still deciding how much I will be releasing at a time. One track, two tracks, an EP, or a full album. I’m leaning towards two at a time with videos.

9. What was the last record you bought?
I bought Tangerine Dream-'Phaedra' and Simple Minds-'Sister Feelings Call' last week.
Both on vinyl. 

10. Where can people get access to your music?
The best place to download our music is at
You can watch our videos at