Burning Flame's Top 20 Reissues

01.The Blue Nile- Hats/The Walk Across The Rooftops
02.Hard Corps- Clean Tables Have To be Burnt
03.Dark Day- Exterminating Angel (Dark Entries)
04.Bronski Beat/ Communards- Album Series (Edsel)
05.Heaven 17- The Luxury Gap- (Virgin)
06.Everything But The Girl- Album Series (Edsel)
07.Mick Milk- 'Half Lives '(Anna Logue Records)
08.Drinking Electricity- 'Overload' + Singles (Medical Records)
09.The House of Love- 'The House of Love' (Cherry Red)
10.Vicious Pink- 'Vicious Pink' (Cherry Red)
11.The Chameleons- 'Script of the Bridge' (Blue Apple)
12.Josef K- 'Sorry for Laughing' Vinyl LP (LTM)
13.Ceramic Hello- ‘Absence of Canary’ (Suction Records)
14.Section 25- 'From the Hip' Vinyl LP (LTM)
15.Twilight Ritual- The Factory Scream (Onderstroom Records)
16.Die Doraus und die Marinas- First Two Albums (Bureau B)
17.Abecedarians- 'Eureka' (Pylon Records)
18.Paul Nova- Trees Without Leaves (Vinyl on Demand)
19.Aztec Camera- Album Series (Edsel)
20.Wall of Voodoo- 'Dark Continent' / 'Call of the West' (Raven)


cagliostro said...

luxury gap is one of my favorite albums of all times ;-)