Claudia Brücken Celebrates the History of Pop with 'The Lost are Found'

Claudia Brücken's brand new 'The Lost are Found' is out now. On this album she has worked with famed producer Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, OMD, Robbie Robertson) on an exhilarating collection of intensely atmospheric songs by other people. These ‘other people’ are some of the favourite writers and artists of both Claudia and Stephen, expressing their particular obsession with the history of the pop song. Some might say it is definitely up there with the classic albums Claudia has been involved with from Propaganda’s 'A Secret Wish' to Onetwo’s 'Instead'. 
The album is both a celebration of the mood, majesty and mystery of a great pop song, and also a journey along an imaginary coast line of an imaginary country, a soundtrack to a view out to sea, and the thoughts of what lies ahead. 
 'The Lost are Found' is available on record in a limited edition of 500. The first 200 of these will be individually numbered and signed for extra specialness by Claudia Brücken and Stephen Hague and be available to buy only through our web site.