The Blue Nile Expanded Reissues on EMI

EMI Records is pleased to announce the release of the first 2 albums by The Blue Nile, 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' and 'Hats' as expanded 2CD 'Collector's Editions'. Both albums come with a bonus disc of rare and previously unreleased material chosen by Paul Buchanan and Robert Bell, who also oversaw the remastering of the original albums with their long time Blue Nile engineer Calum Malcolm. 
The debut album ‘A Walk Across the Rooftops’ was originally released in 1984 on Linn Records- a label set up specifically to release the album and featured the hit single "Tinsletown in The Rain". The follow up album 'Hats' was released five years after and it often described as a cinematic experience.

CD 1 'A Walk Across The Rooftops'
1.A Walk Across the Rooftops (2012 - Remaster)
2.Tinseltown in the Rain (2012 - Remaster)
3.From Rags to Riches (2012 - Remaster)
4.Stay (2012 - Remaster)
5.Easter Parade (2012 - Remaster)
6.Heatwave (2012 - Remaster)
7.Automobile Noise (2012 - Remaster)
Bonus CD
1.I Love This Life - the band's first single
2.Heatwave - Rhythm Mix
3.St. Catherine's Day - previously unreleased song
4.Tinseltown in the Rain - Mix
5.The Second Act - 'b' side to 'I Love This Life'
6.Stay - Little Mix
7.Regret - 'b' side to 'Tinseltown in the Rain'

CD 2 'Hats'1.Over the Hillside (2012 - Remaster)
2.The Downtown Lights (2012 - Remaster)
3.Let's Go Out Tonight (2012 - Remaster)
4.Headlights On the Parade (2012 - Remaster)
5.From a Late Night Train (2012 - Remaster)
6.Seven Am (2012 - Remaster)
7.Saturday Night (2012 - Remaster)
Bonus CD
1.Seven A.M. (Live in Studio) recorded before the end of the 'Hats' sessions
2.Christmas - previously unreleased song
3.Let's Go Out Tonight - Vocal 2 - the second vocal take
4.Saturday Night - Vocal 2, Early Mix - a working mix with an alternative vocal
5.Headlights On the Parade - Live in Tennessee
6.The Wires Are Down - 'b' side to 'The Downtown Lights' single