Next Wave: Xiu

I feel a chill coming on and her name is Xiu. Known as Oksana Rodionova to family and friends, she unleashes her official label debut, with the help of [aufnahme + wiedergabe], on Oct. 12th. This release is a limited edition (55 copies) cassette with a digital download version available as well. Born in Estonia and now based in Milan, Oksana crafts a mesmerizing arsenal of tracks. The sound is synthy, icey, and probably the lost sountrack to your lonliest of dreams. The vocals soothe you and guide you home in comfort and contentment. This is not to be missed! Pre-orders and audio samples are available at Xiu Bandcamp.

Additional info, sounds, and visuals are available at the following: Xiu @ Sound Cloud and Xiu (official) @ Facebook