Next Wave: Cargo

Despite its countless evils, i just can't tear myself away from the internet. Time and time again it has proven to be a very resourceful tool in my never ending quest for new music. Without it i would miss out on so much. Though i'm not a fan of the majority i stumble upon, i do find a handful of bands who really do hit my musical sweet spot. Recently, this was the case with Cargo. They're based in Bordeaux, France and comprised of Marc and Fabien (ex Chateau Marmont) and turn out some very melodic, new wave tinted tunes by way of electronics. Yes, you could say that there are many doing just that but i would tell you not everyone does it right. These men have a real knack for their craft and deserve some attention. From what i know they've been together for close to a year, perform live in support of the music, and will be releasing a track called "Dual" on a limited edition compilation by the Function Operate label. They are in the process of making an EP and i'm very much looking forward to it. In the meantime, i'll get my fix with the tracks posted on their SoundCloud page. Give them a listen and see what you think.

Sounds and info available @ Cargo @ SoundCloud  and Cargo official @ Facebook