Yazoo and Duran Duran Release Late Summer Best ofs

The brand new Yazoo collection of hits has been released by Music Club Deluxe. It marks the 30th anniversary of hits such as "Don't Go" and "Situation" which filled the 80's dance floors. This two CD compilation features Yazoo's biggest hits as well as 12" versions and stunning dance remixes. 
 Duran Duran have also released a new best of compilation entitled Duran Duran 'The Biggest And The Best'. This 2CD collection focuses on the period 1981-1990 and features some key album tracks, alongside 20 Top 40 hits and twelve Top 10 hits. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder if SAVE A PRAYER is the edited version that appeared on the remastered set.

Towards the end when 'save a prayer till the morning after' is repeated, the cut out a few repetitions. WHY?!?!?!?!?!