Label Spot: Anna Logue Records

Anna  Logue Records is an independent record label based in Germany. It was founded by Marc Schaffer in March 2005 in order to release previously unreleased material by original early 80's bands that made a special kind of electronic music generally described as "Electropop", "Technopop", "Synth-pop", "Minimal Electronics" or "Cold Wave" spanning a period from 1979 to 1984. Label's intention is not commercial, their goal is to satisfy the small amount of passionate music fans and collectors who love such music.
Anna Logue Records releases include: Camera Obscura- 'Horizons of Suburbia' LP, Poeme Electronique 'The Echoes Fade' LP/CD, Car Crash Set 'Join the Car Crash Set' LP and many more.
For all the info about the past and upcoming releases and all the contact details check out this site