Brand New Frankie Goes To Hollywood Compilation 'Sexmix' Announced for August

A brand new Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation is set for release this summer. Their record label ZTT and Salvo Music are set to release a new two-CD compilation which collects together rare and unearthed material from original cassette singles, CD singles and shines a light on favourite B-side material. The compilation is entitled 'Sexmix: Archive Tapes and Studio Adventures, Volume One' and  features all seven of Frankie‘s UK singles in one form or another, from "Relax" to "Watching The Wildlife". The compilation also features some rarities such as the CD debut of the full 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome' cassette single  and unique, remastered mixes of 'Rage Hard and Warriors of the Wasteland' which have been out-of-print for a quarter of a century. 
'Sexmix' is coming on 6 August, and boasts this splendid front cover which perfectly captures the spirit of Frankie Goes To Hollywood circa 1984.