China Crisis- 'Ultimate Crisis'

China Crisis will release a 34-track double CD compilation entitled 'Ultimate Crisis'. This is their first compilation since 1998 when they released 'The Best of China Crisis'. 'Ultimate Crisis' follows the China Crisis story from 1982's "African And White", the first release on the local 'Inevitable' label that caught the attention of Virgin Records, throughout their singles chart career. The compilation album is out on March 12, 2012 on Virgin Records. Available on Amazon and all the big online music stores.

 Disc 1
 1. King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up)
2. Working With Fire And Steel
3. Hanna Hanna
4. African And White
5. Tragedy And Mystery
6. Arizona Sky
7. Some People I Know Lead Fantastic Lives
8. When The Piper Calls
9. The Soul Awakening
10. Scream Down At Me
11. Gift Of Freedom
12. Animalistic
13. Back Home
14. June Bride
15. A Golden Handshake For Every Daughter
16. This Occupation
17. Diary Of A Hollow Horse

 Disc 2
1. Wishful Thinking
2. Black Man Ray
3. Red Sails
4. Christian
5. Best Kept Secret
6. The Highest High
7. You Did Cut Me
8. Cucumber Garden
9. Strength Of Character
10. In Northern Skies
11. Hampton Beach
12. Here Comes A Raincloud
13. Red Letter Day
14. No More Blue Horizons (Fool Fool Fool)
15. Blue Sea
16. Saint Saviour Square
17. It’s Everything


cagliostro said...

one of the best underated band of the world