Anonymous said...

Pornography by The Cure of course! Cheers.

kevin said...

yazoo-upstairs at eric's
simple minds- new gold dream
kate bush- the dreaming

Wookie said...

Associates - Sulk
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream

Anonymous said...

duran duran - rio
abc - the lexicon of love
associates - sulk
roxy music - avalon
berlin - pleasure victim

Timmy c said...

tooooooooo many

The Lexicon of Love
Happy Families
Pelican West
Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms, Some People Think It's Fun to Entertain
The Golden Age of Wireless
New Gold Dream
Songs To Remember

Anonymous said...


sidmac1212 said...

Soft Cell - Non-stop ecstatic dancing

Anonymous said...

Soft Cell - Non-stop ecstatic dancing

ngnewave said...

New Gold Dream

Anonymous said...

ABC Lexicon of Love

Alex Gray said...

The Lexicon of Love. Obviously.

Brent McD. said...

New Gold Dream
Golden Age of Wireless
Number of the Beast

Anonymous said...

simple minds-new gold dream
china crisis- difficult shapes..
gary numan- i assasin
grace jones- living my life

bop2pop said...

Lots of great stuff this year... some choice selections...

Visage: The Anvil
ABC: Lexicon of Love
Talk Talk: The Party's Over
Yazoo: Upstairs at Erics
Thomas Dolby: Golden Age of Wireless
Berlin: Pleasure Victim
Flock of Seagulls: Flock of Seagulls
Kim Wilde: Select
Missing Persons: Spring Session M

cagliostro said...

1 China crisis Difficult shapes
2 DD Rio
3 Roxy music avalon
4 abc lexicon of love
5 SM new gold dreams

but let me say that it was one of the best year in music

Anonymous said...

The Associates: Sulk

Anonymous said...

Siouxsie and the Banshees - A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Adam Ant - Friend or Foe
Ultravox - Quartet
Spandau Ballet - Diamond
INXS - Shabooh Shoobah
The Psychedelic Furs - Forever Now
Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame

Anonymous said...

The Fixx - Shuttered Room

Anonymous said...

Icehouse - Primitive Man
Peter Schilling - Fehler im System
Classix Nouveaux - La Verite

Anonymous said...

gang of four - songs of the free
joe jackson - night and day
sparks - angst in your pants
squeeze - sweets from a stranger
men without hats - rhythm of youth

Bori B. said...

Thanks very much for your comments and suggestions. :) Most of the albums mentioned here will be included in the poll. Hope it will be as exciting as the year 1982 was. The 1982 album poll will be up tomorrow, right sidebar. So tell all your friends.