Talk Talk Tribute Project

As promised, here are further information about the Talk Talk tribute project which will be organized by Toby Benjamin and James Marsh and which will include a CD and book. The book will have written contributions by musicians DJs and record label owners, with the paintings and an interview with James Marsh. A lengthy Talk Talk Tribute album will feature bands and musicians who were influenced by Talk Talk and who will have their own take on classic Talk Talk tracks. Follow Talk Talk on Facebook to get regular updates of work in progress.

Here are the poll results from the recent Talk Talk best single poll:
The Winner is "Live's What You Make It"

Today 2 (5%)
Talk Talk 3 (8%)
It's My Life 9 (24%)
Such a Shame 7 (18%)
Live's What You Make it 16 (43%)
Living in Another World 3 (8%)