Shakespears Sister- Dancing Barefoot

Shakespears Sister have announced that their new single will be a cover of none other than the Bananarama classic "Really Saying Something"(a digital-only release).This version will mark the 30th anniversary of the song which is a live version performed on Shakespears Sister's 2010 tour and taken from the band's forthcoming live album. The new Shakespears Sister EP 'Dancing Barefoot' is also up for sale through website's digital store. It is a four track EP and it includes "Dancing Barefoot", a Patti Smith cover and an early alternate version of "A Man In Uniform". The other half of the Shakespears Sister and former member of the band Marcela Detrorit is also working on new material.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really bad version of a great song, Siobhan Fahey should have left it well alone, one feels she only released this to be nasty towards Bananarama, a band to which she has sneered for the last 23 years.
If it had been a studio version it could have been tweaked to make it good, as it is, Siobhan has a very limited capacity live and this shows it, a very bad idea.
A pity, it could have been great.