The Human League's Credo on pre-order

The new Human League album 'Credo' is scheduled to be released on March 28, 2011. The album which features the single "Night People" is available to pre-order now. Check out the New Human league facebook official fanpage for more info about where you can buy it as well as the most recent Human League press shots.

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Anonymous said...

What can I say? 'CREDO' is a stomping, electronic masterpiece.
I'm a long standing Human League fan and follower, I first got'DARE' way back in 1981 when i was a small boy, I must have played it a million times since, its a brilliant collection, iconic and as fresh today as it ever was.

People keep expecting The Human League to match or even better 'DARE' and its a thing that shouldn't be expected of them, I feel each of their albums has been a great progression for the band in sound and technology 'Hysteria' 'Romantic?' 'Octopus' and especially 'Secrets' have all been outstanding collections...but 'CREDO' has elements of all those albums, and has echos of 'DARE' running through it and even elements of 'Reproduction' and 'Travelogue' push through...its simply a brilliantly written, performed, produced and vocalised album..such great songs.

Already 'CREDO' has produced four singles 'Night People' 'Never Let Me Go' 'Egomaniac' and 'Sky'...ut check out 'Privilage' 'Breaking The Chains' 'When The Stars Start To Shine' and 'Electric Shock' for pounding electro...10/10

Does 'Credo' match 'Dare'?...I'd say so.