OMD's New Website

OMD have launched a new official website. The site features the lastest album announcements and  blog postings from Andy and Paul. It is also officialy confirmed that their album 'History of Modern' will be released on September 20, 2010. with the following track listing. 

1.New Babies: New Toys
2. If You Want It
3.History Of Modern (part I)
4. History Of Modern (part II)
5. Sometimes
7. New Holy Ground
Side Two
8. The Future, The Past, and Forever After
9. Sister Mary Says
10. Pulse
11. The Night
12. Bondage Of Fate
13. The Right Side?

Check out the website for more updates and announcements and the limited edition box set.


Member_D said...

Yes exciting news .. not sure about all the merchandising though... Let's just hope the music is good.