Mick Karn Appeal

A message from mickkarn.com official:

"With great sadness we regret to inform you that Mick has recently been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer. Mick is currently in a positive mood and undergoing further tests and treatment. His family and friends are close with him, supporting him in practical ways, and surrounding him with their love, friendship and care.
Mick has been struggling financially for some considerable time now and we are hoping that this appeal may help to raise funds for any necessary treatment and perhaps go some way towards providing a small degree of financial support whilst Mick's immediate family provide the care and comfort we would all wish for him. Quite aside from the sheer brunt of daunting medically-related costs, Mick's clear and major concern is for the security and well being of his wife and young son."
If you purchase any portrait from his website collection and state that you are purchasing as a means of donating to the Mick Karn appeal the funds will be be donated to the fund. Any Mick Karn portrait purchased will automatically be donated to the fund.


Kev Moore said...

Incredibly sad to read this. Mick is one of a handful of amazing bass players that emerged in the 80's rightfully sharing the spotlight with Pino Palladino, Mark King, and Nick Beggs. I loved not only his work with Japan, but his work with Bill Nelson also.