CEREMONY - A New Order Tribute

Florida independent record label, '24 Hour Service Station', has assembled a tribute album honoring the music of New Order entitled 'CEREMONY - A New Order Tribute'. The double CD plus bonus disc and digital album are scheduled for release on February 20, 2010. Proceeds from record sales will benefit the Salford Foundation Trust’s Tony Wilson Award, established in memory of Tony Wilson, the founding father of landmark independent record label Factory Records, who died of cancer in 2007. Artists who have contributed their own cover versions of New Order Songs are: Rabbit In The Moon, DETACHMENTS, Pocket, SUNBEARS!, Kites With Lights, John Ralston and many more.

Tracklist: Ceremony: A New Order Tribute (2CD version)

Disc 1:
1. “Strangely Enough Impact,” Dedication to Tony Wilson by Peter Hook
2. “Ceremony,” Yes But No
3. “Dream Attack,” Kites With Lights
4. “Blue Monday,” Rabbit in the Moon
5. “Crystal,” The Dark Romantics
6. “Sub-Culture,” Pocket featuring Shaun Robinson & Tracy Shedd
7. “World,” Solo Gigolos U.K.
8. “Turn,” Lone Wolf featuring Geri X
9. “Mr. Disco,” Detachments
10. “Paradise,” The Beauvilles
11. “Run,” Christian Webb & Adam Knowles
12. “Thieves Like Us,” Sunbears!
13. “60 Miles an Hour,” GD Luxxe
14. “Love Vigilantes,” Jimmy Oakes
15. “All Day Long,” John Ralston
16. “Temptation,” The Dark Esquire
17. “The Him,” Johnny Parry

Disc 2:
1. “As It Is When It Was,” The Bedford Incident
2. “Round & round,” Sibling
3. “The Perfect Kiss,” Detachments
4. “Your Silent Face,” Flight
5. “This Time of Night,” Kingsbury
6. “Blue Monday,” The Cloud Roodm
7. “Ceremony,” The Sheaks
8. “Sunrise,” History
9. “Chosen Time,” Light Yourself on Fire
10. “Leave Me Alone,” Allegra Gellar
11. “Every Little Counts,” XOXO
12. “Bizarre Love Triangle,” Jimmy Oakes
13. “Regret,” Win Win Winter
14. “1963,” The Milling Gowns
15. “Ceremony,” Yes But Now (Kites With Lights Remix)