Peter Godwin is Nuevo

Peter Godwin has returned to the music scene with a new band. He teamed up with Johnson Somerset to form Nuevo. Somerset who worked with artists like Simple Minds, Duran Duran and Bryan Ferry has co-produced the record, while Godwin provided the vocals for the songs. Their debut album is entitled “Sunset Rise” and it is available on the

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giselle said...

Greetings from Mission Control, Fort Godwin:-)

Aside from this, Peter is definitely back on the scene plus, according to the king of coolness himself, "There's an update to the Nuevo website in the wings- a new shop, a new video.. and more.. Coming very soon..." (Peter Godwin)

Thank you very much for promoting Nuevo.

Anyways, do join us in his face book fan page:


Much love and thankies from the Mission Control Center, Fort Godwin.

skyray is love,