Belouis Some- 'Some People' Reissue

Almost 25 years after the original release of 'Some People' by Belouis Some , the album has been reissued on CD by Cherry Red Records. 'Some People' was a debut album for Neville Keighley, originally released in 1985. Three singles were released from the album including "Round and Round" which was featured in 'Petty in Pink' soundtrack as well as 'Imagination' which remained his biggest hit.

'Some People' Reissue


Unknown said...

This was a good album but this new cd sounds like it was mastered from an old LP.

His 3rd album, Living Your Life is also quite good but unfortunately hard to locate.

fennis2000 said...

Yeah, it totally was ripped from a vinyl copy of the US release. Sounds bloody awful. I did a better rip myself years ago. Terrible.

And yes, Living Your Life is a great album.