Depeche Mode- The Sound of The Universe

Depeche Mode have released their twelfth studio album 'The Sound Of The Universe' today, 20 April, 2009. The album is scheduled to be released in the US and Canada a day after the official Europe release date. The album contains 13 songs and most of them were written by Martin L. Gore. The first single from the album "Wrong" has already been released in April and the video for the first single was directed by Patrick Daughters.


MemberD said...

It was available on i-tunes on Friday 17th April. For the moment I'm not too impressed!

Borivoj said...

Well, I was disappointed the first time I heard it, now I like it much more. Keep listening, it slowly grows! :)

MemberD said...

Ok - I'm sure it will ...although Playing the Angel never did :(