Instant Hit: Anything Box- Come Away

Anything Box was an American synth-pop band that was formed in 1986 in Peterson, NJ. The band's name was an inspiration from a collection of short stories The Anything Box written by Zenna Henderson. They released their first albums in the 90's and their second album 'Worth' featured this wonderful synth-pop tune "Come Away". The album was released in 1994 through Orangewerks and it was produced by Gareth Jones.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, I remember Anything Box very well growing up. Their defining album was Peace, and although Living in Oblivian is there big hit, for me, personally, I fell in love with Jubilation. Anything Box were probably in the same category as Information Society and Kon Kan, but had a slight new wave/red flag-esque slant to them.

allaella said...

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