Instant Hit- Cee Farrow- Lost And Memorized

Cee Farrow was one of the most underrated 80's stars led by Christian F. Kruzinski. They released their only album 'Red and Blue' in 1983 and a year before that the famous Cee Farrow song "Should I Love You" for which they also recorded a slick music video. Cee Farrow tried a comeback in the early 90's, but failed to gain any success. Christian sadly passed away in 1993 due Brain disease attributed by Aids. "Lost and Memorized" was never released as a single, but remains as one of the unforgettable and most played Cee Farrows tunes.


Liam said...

Do you have any of the other songs off this Album? I've been looking for it since the 80's!

UH said...

This was one of my favorite albums. While living in New York in the 90's, my vinyl was stolen in a move and this went with it...thank you for the opportunity to hear it again.

Please check out my cover tribute to Cee Farrow's "Should I Love You" at the link below. Enjoy!

Borivoj said...

Thanks for your comment! Did not see any link. I just have to update one of mine.

Anonymous said...

I have mp3s to all of these tracks including a 12inch extra single.