Shock- DVD Release

Remember Shock, the group which gave birth to TIK & TOK who were previously mentioned on this blog. Their exclusive DVD collection is released. This collection contains a CD of the 7" and 12" audio mixes of "Angel Face", "RERB", "Dynamo Beat" and "Dream Games" and also includes Shock's original, unreleased version of "Screen Me, I'm Yours". On the DVD is Shock's full 40 min. live show from Wembley Arena when they supported Gary Numan in 1981 (never released), the promo videos for "Angel Face" and "Dynamo Beat", an edited live set at The Venue in London from 1980 (featuring Plastic Joe, Pereno and Carole Caplin performing the legendary routine to Fad Gadget's "Ricky's Hand") and TV performances of "Screen Me, I'm Yours", "Angel Face", "Dynamo Beat" and "Doll's House".This is seriously collectable. Prepare yourselves!