Leisure Process

Leisure Process was a short lived New Wave duo comprised of sax player Gary Barnacle and singer Ross Middleton. Gary Barnacle was a saxophonist and brass instrument arranger primarily noted for session work, during the 1980's, with a large number of popular music acts including Kim Wilde, Visage, Dalek I Love You and Level 42. Ross Middleton was a member of the UK outfit Positive Noise before he teamed up with Barnacle.

Together they formed Leisure Process in 1981. Leisure Process was produced by Marin Rushent and it released several singles in 1982 and 1983 but never managed to record an album. Even though they provided similar sound to some of the popular groups at that time, they remained as an 80’s obscurity. Their sound was a synthetic with Middleton’s manic vocals and Barnacle’s excellent sax solos. At some points it reminded of Human League especially when you compare “Love Action” with “Love Cascade”.

After working with a line up of great artists Barnacle released a solo album Paradise in 2002.Here are some acts for whom Barnacle has contributed session work.
M-"Pop Muzik" (1979)
Positive Noise- Heart Of Darkness (1981)
Kim Wilde- Kim Wilde- "2 6 5 8 0" (1981)
Level 42-Level 42- "Heathrow" (1981)
The Clash- Combat Rock- "Sean Flynn" (1982)
Visage-"Night Train" (1982)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions- "Party Party" (1982)
Kim Wilde- Select- "Action City" (1982)
Visage – The Anvil (1982)
Kim Wilde- Catch As Catch Can- "Love Blonde" (1983)
Dalek I Love You- Dalek I Love You- "Lust", "12 Hours of Blues" (1983)
Soft Cell- This Last Night In Sodom (1984)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions- Lost Weekend- "Lost Weekend" (1985)
The Damned- Phantasmagoria (1985)
The Dream Academy- The Dream Academy- "The Edge of Forever" (1985)
Level 42- World Machine (1985)
David Bowie- "Absolute Beginners" (1986)
Pet Shop Boys- Disco- "Suburbia" (1986)
Erasure- Wonderland- "Pistol" (1986)
Swing Out Sister- It’s Better To Travel (1987)
The Communards- Red- "For A Friend" (1987)
Level 42- Running in The Family- "Lessons in Love" (1987)
Rick Astley- Hold Me In Your Arms (1988)
Karel Fialka- Human Animal (1988)
Paul Hardcastle- No Winners- "Walk on the Light" (1988)
Hothouse Flowers- People (1988)
The Jeremy Days- The Jermey Days (1988)
Yazz – Wanted- "Fine Time" (1988)
The Beautiful South- Welcome To The Beautiful South (1989)
Bjork- Debut (1993)