OMD's Architectural Tour Images

Innes Marlow has supplied images for the OMD’s current tour. The stunning architectural images are used for the opening number on the Architecture And Morality tour.
"I love their music, the band loves the photos, so it made sense bringing the two elements together, and while OMD got to do the hard work on stage, I was able to sit back and enjoy being part of a fantastic project" IM
The main photography featured in the OMD tour programme and in the show was shot by Innes at Marchwood, Redbridge, Segensworth, and in Fareham. The backdrop to the opening number, the title track from Architecture and Morality, featured all these images, and also included a shot of the Tyne Bridge, and a staircase on Solent Business Park.
The concept was edited together by the visual director Hambi Haralambous for Tallboy Films working with Andy McCluskey from OMD on selecting the images.