Instant Hit: Soft Cell- Torch (Extended)

"Torch" is one of my favorite Soft Cell songs. It was released back in 1982. The backing Vocals were provided by the female singer Cindy Ecstasy who also provided vocals on the extended version of this song which appeared on 'Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing'. The song was produced by Mike Thorne and it was originally issued on Some Bizarre in the UK. The remix version of this single was released in 2007 by Planet Clique.


Bulimia said...

female focalist is so called cyndi extasy. she sings the german (extended) version

Burning Flame said...

Thanks I already got the answer once mailed. I will edit this post
Didn't know about the German extended version. Thanks for the info!

Herbal T said...


Great blog.

Are you sure that Cindy Ecstacy is dead? If possible do you have a source?

Borivoj said...

Well I'm in doubts now. I remember that someone mailed me about her a while ago but couldn't find this mail.
I will keep googling and ask some friends if they know anything.